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At Natural Medicine of Seattle, we strive to provide you with a refreshing approach to personalized health care. 

Upon arrival, the friendly front office staff will welcome you.  we ask that you please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your first appointment.

Before arriving:
  • Fill out your patient intake forms securely online. To provide the best possible care, our intake forms are thorough. Expect to take some time filling them out fully.
  • If you have not received your login by email, please call us at 206-535-7527 and let us know.
  • If you are unable to fill out your intake forms securely online, we will gladly send them to you by email.  
  • We are a fragrance free establishment. Please help us by not wearing fragrances to your appointment.
  • Please remember to bring your insurance card with you.  

While we process your paperwork, please help yourself to our complementary collection of herbal tea. We understand that your time is valuable and we do our best to be efficient and on time with every appointment.

Our physicians pride themselves on providing personal, one-on-one attention in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. A typical visit will begin by talking with your physician about your current concerns and your health history. An initial examination will be conducted. New lab tests may be used to gain further insight into your health. Following the lab results your physician will work with you to develop a comprehensive and sustainable treatment plan.

HIPAA Compliance

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Payment and Insurance Information

Natural Medicine of Seattle accepts many insurance plans.  Many of our practitioners are preferred providers with Regence, Uniform, Premera, Lifewise, and First Choice.

We file claims on your behalf if we are in network with your insurance plan.  Not all insurance companies cover visits for naturopathic physicians.  Please be aware that a provider’s preferred status doesn’t guarantee coverage. We suggest that you contact your insurance to verify your coverage.  We gladly provide the necessary information for you to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

Co-pays are due at the Time of Service. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery. We offer a 30% discount on office visits if you are not covered by insurance. Optional payment plans are available and determined by financial need.  

Initial office visits range from $115 to $320 (includes 30% Time of Service discount), depending on complexity and duration.  Included in the first visit is a 90-minute consultation with the doctor, analysis and interpretation of past lab work and medical records, coordination of care, and a comprehensive treatment plan.  

Return office visits range from $84 to $225(includes 30% Time of Service discount), depending on complexity and duration.  Included in the return visits are a 60-minute consultation with the doctor, analysis and interpretation of new lab work, follow up on medical issues and further development of comprehensive treatment plan.  

IV Treatments are sometimes covered by insurance for certain diagnoses, such as iron deficiency anemia or dehydration.  The IV administration of some medications can be covered as well.  We strive to keep our treatments affordable.  Note that IV treatments in large clinics and hospitals can cost over $1,000 for a single treatment.  Our treatments range between $210 and $300.  

Our physicians may order some tests that are not yet covered by most insurance plans. These tests include Allergy tests, costs range from $120 (96 foods tested) to $240 (184 foods tested). Genetic tests typically cost between $65 and $150. The Micronutrient testing lab charges a $210 Copay for insured patients. This is the total cost to the patient. Our clinic is fortunate to be able to offer these prices, as micronutrient tests can cost up to $2000. The cost to cash patients is $410, which is still a very fair price considering the value. These prices are subject to increases depending on the laboratory fees.  

Supplements and some laboratory tests are not covered by insurance and are payable upon receipt.  You may use your Health Savings Plan for your supplements.  We will provide you with a prescription when necessary.  

Cancellation policy: Please allow us at least 48 business hours to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

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